Thursday, 10 July 2014

Australian Glamour in HOLLYWOOD

A few weeks ago, an Australian Production Team went on an exciting trip to Hollywood to photograph the works of 4 selected Australian designers, Lucy Laurita, Vicky E Pellicca-Zamoyzaris Popovski, Maria Mezzatesta and us--Judith Penak Couture! Our best Australian master stylist, Lynette Pater, took charge of styling and coordinating dress and jewellery; supplied by Le Dain DesignsMishel Vounatsos Bratsos, Schyler Shulkin and Kirsty Barrie did an amazing job on the hair and makeup of the gorgeous model Celeste Billinge. 

Photographer, Maurice Rinaldi and make up artist, Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos, share their thoughts on the shoot.

"It was so exciting to work with an all Australian production team in LA and help support the Australian designers like Lucy Laurita, Judith Penak, Vicky E Pelliccia-Zamoyzaris Popovski and Maria Mezzatesta. Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos, Kirsty Barrie and Schvler Shulkin on make-up and hair who got little sleep and lots of driving and put up with me for 3 weeks THANK YOU for a job well done. I must say, working with Celeste Billinge from The Old School of Modeling with no complaints, no matter what location or temperature, was lovely to work with. Let's do it again soon, you are all welcomed back! "
--Maurice Rinaldi

"I truly loved going to America. It's such a different place to Australia. Still love my hometown but in America it has a different buzz about it. It's very much on the go-go-go! Doing makeup there was fantastic. Using our Australian designer gowns was absolutely phenomenal. Doing the photoshoot out in public was fantastic. Everyone was just looking at us saying, 'what's going on? What are you shooting? Wow look at the model and outfit!'.
It was a great experience doing makeup and hair in America. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and vibes from it. Hopefully we will be doing this again next year. Definitely something to look forward to! Plus the Australian designers can have their gowns shot overseas which is such great exposure for them!" -- Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos

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