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7 Questions Every Premarital Counsellors Will Ask

Let's face it. Wedding planning  is not as easy as the movie world portrays. Sometimes it can trigger extra stress for both the bride and the groom. There are multiple things that they need to settle and sometimes it's okay to ask for help with your emotional well-being from a third party.

Statistic shows that most couples who seek premarital counselling felt satisfied with their sessions. A professional can bring an awareness of how to deal with issues in the relationships. Couples do not have to go specifically to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. They can also  visit a counsellor or someone who has a background in marital therapy.

You do not need to wait until a problem arise to go to a counsellor. Pre-Marrital counselling can help you to identify your differences and value conflicts before marriage. And also providing couples with tools and process to help overcome the inevitable issues and challenges of marriage when they do arise.

Pre-marital counselling's session last shorter than an individual counselling sessions. Here are some of the questions that you will need to answer in a pre-maritial counselling.

1. What do you appreciate most about your partner and your relationship?When life gets hard, those things that you appreciate most about your partner and your relationship will ground your relationship when all else feels chaotic. 
2. Are you on the same page about having children?__
Children can be a tough topic. Not everybody has the same plan when it comes to children. And When you do decide to have one, your role as a couple changes.
You also need to discuss the work/life balance. Sometimes long working hours can let marriages fall apart. It's time for you to say, "Family time is important, Quality time is also important to me".  
3. How will you handle your relationships with your families?
How do you plan to spend the holidays? Couples need to learn that they are forming a new family entity, and the relationship with their extended families transitions with this. Conversations regarding boundaries and roles of each of their families are important.
4. What does spirituality mean to you?
If you have children, will they be raised in a religious community? Some counsellors believe that this conversation is one of many that can promote curiosity and further understanding into your partner. For many of us, our spirituality is a guiding force in our lives.
5. What does sex mean for both of you?
How will you handle changes in your sex life over the years? Couples have to talk about sex. It's a major part of a healthy relationship.
6. How do you look at spending versus saving?
Who will pay the bills? Are you or your partner incurring debt? It's not abnormal for one person to be a saver and one person a spender. 
7. How will you resolve future conflicts?
What will you do if you're concerned for your marriage? Have a plan, this isn't a question of IF you will struggle, but rather, WHEN."

Sometimes it is difficult to reach a common ground on certain issues; however, communication is important when resolving conflict. Communication style is important to determine how the couple could resolve their differences. And remember it is never a bad thing to ask for help from a counsellor 

Best Spring 2016 Trends

Pack up your jacket and bring out your spring-summer fashion. Time to update your closet and we are here to give you some spring latest trends tips. Here are some outfits trends that you might see in this spring.

The Victorian Style

Puffy sleeves            
High-collar necklines
Loads of flowers      
The Victorian-era influenced is definitely the new spring trends. 

The 70's Inspired Style 
The 70's game is going on strong this year. It's all about the mixed prints, chiffon dress, and  seude jacket or vest, the season's favorite fabrics. 

The Shoulder 
Off-the-shoulder has remained to be girls favorite fashion. But this year it fast a more elegant, sexy, modern looks to the trend. 

The lingerie 
Lingerie and robe are no longer just house-wear. These pieces that are normally associated with bedroom will definitely make you feel comfortable during that bright and sunny day of spring. 

Cool Raffia 

This trend has been pretty popular for the last few season. 2016 has modernised this fashion, polished up the natural weave. You can find your inner bohemian with this trend. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Join Our Competition and Win A Wedding Veil!

Do you fancy a wedding veil? Or maybe you know a friend or family who needs a wedding veil? You can get it for free just by entering in our competition.

How, you say? 

Easy! Just post a picture of yourself that showcase your style and fashion on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #JudithPenakCompetition and like us on Facebook and Instagram. You also need to write 30 words or more on why do you think this style embodies you as a person.

This competition opens from the 1st of September until the 20th of September.
We will review all submissions and choose one lucky winner!
So what are you waiting for.
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Your Everyday Couture

What is couture?

If you ask Google, they will define it as a fashionable made-to-measure clothes. However, the word couture is often associated with high fashion and it is normally only suitable for a special occasion. We've done some research and we found some couture fashion that is suitable for any occasion! It can be for a date night, girls night out, and even office outfit!

The Casual Lace

Don't you think this outfit is perfect for a dinner by the beach? Whether it is for a fun trip to the beach with friends, or dinner with love ones. The casual lace is the perfect couture for a chill, laidback afternoon. 

The Classic Patterns. 

Match it with a pair of jeans, jeggings, or skirt. This pattern shirts can make the perfect outfit for an office attire.

The Dress

From a white dress to a little black dress. You can always wear a dress for your day to day activity. The perfect dress with reflect your figure and yet you will feel comfortable in it. 

The Perfect Wedding Dress That Matches Your Astrological Sign

Do you believe in your weekly or monthly horoscope? If you do, you would love to see which wedding dress that suits your astrological sign. From those signs that are ruled by Venus, to those who are ruled by the moon. What could be more fun than picking up a wedding dress that suits your astrological sign.


Aries is normally the no-fuss, go-getter sign. So, wedding dresses aren't typically an Aries style. The wedding dresses that they choose are those that don't have too much lace or too much detail. A simple, clean, and easy to get on and off is the perfect wedding dress for Aries. The engergetic Aries would want to dance all night with their friends. An Aries loves things with clean lines and sharp angles. They are attracted to sharp whites over creams– think anything that borders on sporty and stay away from crinoline or too many layers of tulle. Aries brides a bride whose all about keeping things modern.

From left: J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2017; Carolina Herrera Fall 2016; Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017; Delphine Manivet Pre-Fall 2016 Pret-a-Porter


The sign that rules by Venus love wedding dress shopping. Taurians adore the arts and all beauty. Taurus is the sign that can appreciate textures and fabrics - and wedding dresses that make them feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. Taurus brides love layers and things that are very luscious to the eye and to the touch. A Taurus bride will also love florals–this is a sign that can really enjoy the height of romantic beauty. Taurus rules the neck, and they tend to have beautiful shoulders and decollates–we're going to want to show that off. This bride wants something of quality, something that they are going to be able to pass down. A Taurus has high expectations; everything needs to be top notch.

From left: Reem Acra Bridal Spring 2017; Naeem Khan Bridal Spring 2017; Marchesa Bridal Spring 2017; Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2017.


Something that is not too heavy and layered is the perfect dress for the fun Geminis. Geminis are really good at mixing prints, textures and fabrics; they can sort of throw it all together and really make it rock–it looks great when they mix and match. With this bride, there's a simplicity too.This bride likes fringe, tassels and little, fun accessories on a dress. For them, it's about textures, embellishments and prints–but in a light, more whimsical way. Geminis have something about them that can be a little 60's mode at times; they are the type to wear a bright-colored shoe or piece of jewelry that offsets everything. But, her look can't be too complicated or hard to move around in–she wants to be most focused on the conversation and talking to her guests. This is not a pretentious sign, it's a convivial sign–this bride does not want to off-put any of her guests or appear too over-the-top.

From left: Rosie Assoulin Fall 2016; Elie Saab Resort 2017; Oscar de la Renta Bridal Spring 2017; Maticevski Fall 2016.


The antiques loving Cancer bride would love all thing heirloom and might even want to wear a ring from their great grandmother at their wedding or jewelry that has been passed down for generations. Cancer brides go well with lace and high necklines that are really popular in the 1800's. Cancer is really going to have fun this season because their love for history and antiques was all over the bridal runways and they can accessorize with loads of vintage jewelry. To mix it up, Cancers may gravitate towards silvers; since they're ruled by the moon, that color really speaks to them.

From left: J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2017; Oscar de la Renta Bridal Spring 2017; Simone RochaFall 2016; Temperley Bridal Spring 2017.


Leo enjoys being the center of attention and having all eyes on them. This sign that is ruled by the Sun, can really pull off a big statement dress with a bold jewelry. They are high-fashion, glamorous and seek something that is unforgettable and makes an impact–they want their look to be almost etched into the minds of their guests. She likes height and texture and doesn't want to do something that's been done a dozen times before–but she is not necessarily unconventional. Leos like to sparkle and shimmer–especially with flecks of gold to honor the sun. A Leo would want to go for the long veils, the dramatic headpieces–for them, the hair is the most important thing. Leos love weddings–they want everything to be big and larger than life. This bride wants the drama, the procession and the pageantry.

From left: Jenny Packham Bridal Spring 2017; Vera Wang Bride Spring 2017; Naeem Khan Fall 2016.


Virgo is an Earth sign–she's naturally feminine, elegant and crisp. Virgo rules details and enjoys the small intricacies in something that make it special–whether it's a beautiful antique hook, or a hidden zipper, she loves the finer things that make a dress feel unique. Virgo brides like things that are feminine, but simple too; the overall look for a Virgo should never take away from her archetypal feminine form. Anything that feels goddess-like suits this sign. Virgos appreciate subtlety and like other Earth signs, craftsmanship and a good tailor's work. Earth signs look for things that are going to last; Virgos like a good investment and styles that glorify her, her form and her elegance.
From left: Jenny Packham Bridal Spring 2017; Monique Lhuillier Bridal Spring 2017; Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal Spring 2017; Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2017; Temperley Bridal Spring 2017.


Like Taurus, this sign is also ruled by Venus and loves beauty. Libra can be one of the more soft and feminine signs that do well with glamorous embellishments; this sign gravitates towards satin and anything with a bit of sex appeal. A Libra bride is not afraid of over-the-top beauty. They have a little more sexiness than the Virgo, and amp up on femininity and glamour. Think of Aphrodite, what would she wear down the aisle? This sign is not afraid of lace since there is a delicate quality to them too. Libras do really well with tulle and sheer elements; her sign is not afraid to go over the top, so as long as it's glamorous and embellished enough. With Libra, it's ultimately all about grace. Libras are very much focused on cohesion and continuity with all of the elements in their wedding–the setting, the glassware and the dress all have to coordinate and complement one another.
From left: Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2017; Vera Wang Bride Spring 2017; Alexander McQueenFall 2016; Monique Lhuillier Bridal Spring 2017.


Scorpio is a water sign, known for its depth, intensity and its all-or-nothing quality. They're not afraid of being a bit edgy when it comes to wedding dresses and skewing away from the expected and the norm. Scorpio isn't necessarily boho–she's almost sexy-edgy and a little bit rock-and-roll. This bride is going for an accent whether it's an Asian influence, or a bit of punk inspiration; she does not mind making a statement that's a bit provocative. You may also find Scorpio wanting to accessorize with a choker, a risqué stiletto or an ankle boot. Only Scorpios look good in Scorpio looks–she can pull off things other signs just can't.

From left: Antonio Berardi Fall 2016; Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal Spring 2017; Houghton Bridal Spring 2017.


This is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet, and she therefore wants to do everything in a big way. Sagittarians want to throw a big party, invite everyone they know–and the same applies to the dress. A Sagittarius bride wants her dress to have a feeling of overflowing abundance. For Sag, it's less about the antiquity and more about something larger than life that they can dance in. This bride may even want a change of dress from day to night–but she is not trying to be sexy. Fun is the focus here; this bride wants a dress that elicits the feeling of a festive, grand, big party. For a frame of reference, most of the Olympic athletes are Sagittarians–they're athletic, and also smart and philosophical. They are on the hunt for something with an overall effect, but don't stress about the details–it's more about shape and structure and texture for this bride. A Sag's dress needs to add to their experience and make it more dynamic. Sagittarius brides are totally fine with the fact that they'll only wear this dress once. They have that wanderlust as well, they love to travel and are the sign most likely to elope in a foreign country. This bride would throw caution to the wind and hop on a plane to get married in Nepal, or head to city hall for their vows and throw a fantastic party afterwards where the dancing lasts all night and the drinks are ever-flowing.

From left: Oscar de la Renta Bridal Spring 2017; Vera Wang Bride Spring 2017; CostarellosSpring 2017.


Capricorn is an Earth sign who wants to make a good investment in a well made, quality dress. This is a sign that can do well with structure and architectural designs. Sculptural, angular dresses suit this sign–they look amazing in jumpsuits and pantsuits. This sign is known for their efficiency and their focus on the goal. Their sign is the mountain goat, which does whatever it needs to do to get to the top of the mountain. This is a goal oriented sign and their style tends to be clean and sharp. This bride isn't so into lace, sheerness and ambiguity. Signs that are mutable, like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces love movement in their clothes and things that are shape-shifting. But, Capricorns want the structure of what they're wearing to remain intact throughout the night. There is a professional yet chic aspect to them. They don't want to spend forever picking out the dress, but they want it to be amazing quality nonetheless.

From left: Lela Rose Bridal Spring 2017; Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring 2017; Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2017; Rosie Assoulin Fall 2016.


Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which spins the opposite way of all the other planets–it spins on its side–and so an Aquarius is known for always doing things in an atypical way. This bride will consistently veer from the norm, they're known as the rebel sign of the zodiac. They're not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion–this bride does very well with things like asymmetry and really unique looks that are on the cutting edge. Aquarius is also the sign of change and so they may want to change out of their dress for night as well. This sign is looking for something avant-garde and they do very well with sparkle and luminescence. Aquarians can sometimes look like they came from another planet; they are great with eclecticism, they are the bride that can pull different cultures, styles, shapes and eras into one look and really make it work.

From left: Costarellos Spring 2017; Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2017; Maticevski Fall 2016;Naeem Khan Bridal Spring 2017.


A Pisces is fantastical. If there is one sign that's romantic and full of fantasy, it's this one. This is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and so she is not only creative, but also very empathic, compassionate and romantic. A Pisces is not afraid to go into a fantasy world with her wedding dress. There is also the more hippie side of a Pisces, she can pull off that bohemian look that's sort of dreamy. Pisces does well with layers and a sort of softness, not architectural but flowing, soft layers with lots of movement. A Pisces doesn't do well with a lot of structure, she is all about the draping and the fabrics and a feeling of grace. Pisces are quite a range; they can be hippies and very bohemian but also quite whimsical as well. No matter what direction a Pisces goes in with her fashion sense, it's always all about the romance.

From left: J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2017; Delphine Manivet Bridal Spring 2017; Chloe Pre-Fall 2016; Costarellos Spring 2017.

Source: Hapers Bazaar

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Your Spring Wedding Dress!

Looking for a spring wedding dress? Or maybe you are the bridesmaids of your closest friends' wedding and helping them to look for their perfect spring wedding dress? We got you covered! We have searched high and low, and study all of the runaways. Here are some of our favourite spring bridal trend.

A Basic Bateau Neckline

The "Dipped" V Neckline

Monique Lhuillier

Blush-Colored Dresses

Blush La Vie En Rose lace gown with deep V-illusion neckline and illusion long sleeves, Legends by Romona Keveza

Cropped Tops


Floral Prints


Layers of Lace

Oscar de la Renta 

Stone-Washed Shades
Vera Wang 

Victorian Touches