Sunday, 11 May 2014

Alia Milano--Marilyn Monroe impersonator--and her gold star dress

This is a legendary new era for our talented Australian artisans who have been preparing for the debut of our new amazing Marilyn Monroe impersonator, Alia Milano. It is our common goal to take this great opportunity to strengthen the vision of those in their respective fields.

Stylist Lynette Pater (Left) Alia Milano (Right) 
Alia is Australia's number is Marilyn Monroe impersonator and she looked absolutely stunning in the gold sequin dress made my Judith Penak Couture, styled by Lynette Pater. With hair and make up done to the inspired look of Marilyn Monroe, Alia shone like the star she is. 

Jeff Osman is an astounding photographer and we thank him for doing such an amazing job on the day. We are looking forward to seeing the main highlights of the photoshoot and seeing yours and your teams master work on the video. 

A big thanks to outstanding stylist Lynette Pater, make up artist Mishel, Lana Velkov shoe designer, Vikola fashionista and Zeljko the limosine provider. 

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