Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A new name, a new era, a new fantasy...

A new era has begun for Black Rose. We have grown and improved into a more extensive and finer brand and are now known as Judith Penak Couture!
Gowns are like a unique, individual one off piece of art or statue. They wake up our fantasies of being surrounded by beauty, happiness and motivate us to open up the depths of our souls and express our inner beauty, allowing our physical beauty to shine. This is the true vision of the Haute Couture of Judith Penak Couture.
Couture—what is couture? If you ask this question, you bet your bottom dollar that someone is bound to say ‘expensive fashion’. Many think this way because the word 'couture' is mostly heard being used in high end fashion runways or on shows such as The Next Top Model. People automatically attach a label of ‘unaffordable’ to the thought of a couture outfit.
But what actually is the definition of couture? It is the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements. ‘Specific requirements’ can also include your specific budget.
Here at Judith Penak Couture, we can create your dream couture outfit for any type of socioeconomic status. Whatever your budget—we can do it. 

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